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Today we’re excited to introduce you to Skipper, the hotel booking platform that increases direct sales for independent hotels & resorts. As part of the news, we’ve raised $5.8M in seed funding led by Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI/ML-focused venture fund, with participation from Pear.VC, Wayfinder, Uncommon Capital, ERA, angels Ryan Simonetti (Convene), Neil Parikh (Casper), Aaron Frank (Final), and other leaders in tech and hospitality.


While I was leading technology and digital distribution at Atelier Ace (Ace Hotels), we had a problem: data was siloed across multiple systems, and hardly any of them were connected. This data fragmentation limited our ability to compete with Online Travel Agencies because we didn’t understand guest lifetime value across all lines of business, and couldn’t deliver the same straightforward checkout experience consumers have come to expect. Available technology prevented us from fully owning the customer relationship, even when guests came to us directly.

"The current hotel technology stack is filled with decades old infrastructure. At Skipper, we are using modern technologies to rethink the ways things are done to improve the guest experience, ease of use for management, and ownership profitability." - Jason Shames, Skipper CEO

While the hotel concierge knew our guest preferences, no one else in the organization did. Guests were blind to so many of the amazing experiences we had to offer, reducing both their on-property spend and their experience. We dreamed of a resort sales system to help address these issues, but we lacked the in-house technical resources to make it a reality. I knew we weren’t alone in this challenge - the industry needed a new system for hotels to better sell their inventory and the entire travel experience.

That’s where Skipper comes in. We are rethinking the traditional siloed points-of-sale by building a booking platform that will unlock end-to-end itinerary booking for travelers, and give hotels the data to build and deliver custom offers. Plan, book, and pay for your entire stay - room, spa, activities, etc - all in one place. Today, along with our new capital, we are announcing the first part of that journey: a streamlined purchase process - including one-click checkout and transactions - that makes booking easy, and enables features not yet available to most individual hotels & resorts.

Some of the best boutique hotels in the world - including POD Hotels, Walker Hotels, Sundance Mountain Resort, Ameswell Hotel, Marram Montauk, Troutbeck, Journey East Hampton, and others - have partnered with Skipper to bring our shared dream to life. One of our first partners saw a 28% increase in direct bookings after we implemented our technology at their property. We aim to deliver those results across the industry.

Skipper is excited to deliver the booking experience travelers deserve while assisting owners in improving profitability. 

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